Button Design Contest

Introducing the amazing everlasting Access/Praxis button design contest! We want to promote the creation of art in our community, so we thought it would make sense to open up our quest for awesome button ideas to the greater community!
Rules: There really aren’t any rules. We’d prefer that you work our name and/or logo into any design you do, but if an awesome design is submitted that isn’t about Access/Praxis, we will probably still make buttons with it. The buttons are 1.25″ so keep that in mind as you plan yours out. Read our short mission statement or check out our Facebook page for inspiration!
Deadline: Designs for the first round of buttons are due by 5pm Thursday 11/21/13. The collective will pick our favorites and will make buttons of them which will be for sale at future A/P events. The contest will be ongoing – any designs submitted after 5pm 11/21 will be voted on sometime around the end of the year and sold at events in 2014.
Prize: Prestige! Instant celebrity! The joy of seeing your artwork in button form! Also you’ll have our everlasting gratitude and we’ll give you 5-10 free buttons with your design (or others, if you want).
Details: Email us for button templates in Photoshop or Illustrator format, as well as a logo file. Though technical expertise is helpful, it is not required. We prefer digital submissions that use one of the templates, but we will accept just about anything. For example, you could submit a drawing on paper that we at A/P would then scan and reduce/crop to fit on a button. However, the final product might not turn out exactly as you had envisioned. Also, we might not have time to get ’em done by our next event.
Submit all requests for templates or finished button designs to: accesspraxis@gmail.com